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FMO Provisional Licences (RoR) for City & Guilds NPTC Forest Machine Operation(s)

The History

Historically known as the “Provisional Licence” scheme and originally administered by FCA, Forestry Commission L&D Branch Ae & mwmac Ltd; the scheme was designed to enable candidates to gain at-work training, supervised by an appropriate qualified person, prior to City & Guilds NPTC Forest Machine Operation(s) Assessment whilst enabling Employers to fulfil contracts requiring that all employees hold the relevant machinery certification.

The mwmac Ltd Record of Registration Form

The Record of Registration (RoR) form has recently been updated by mwmac Ltd in order to create a more effective working document for those involved with a Candidate’s at-work training and work experience in readiness for their City & Guilds NPTC FMO Assessment.

mwmac Ltd's new Record of Registration form is designed to be more relevant to the tasks being planned and completed at work. It is a place to plan and record at-work training and supervision and includes a section to record any actions to be taken by the candidate in order to develop their skills.

Example of the new Record of Registration can be found here.

Section 1 contains the candidate’s registration information:

  • Registered Candidate’s personal details
  • Qualification(s) being worked towards
  • Name of Qualified At-Work Supervisor
  • Machinery being used
  • Registration and Expiry Date

Section 2 contains the Evidence of Previous Experience and the At Work Supervision and Mentoring Plan/Record:

  • Evidence of Previous Experience
    • Similar machinery experience or previous work can be indicated by the candidate.
    • The work experience of the candidate during the term of the RoR can be recorded here also.
  • At-Work Supervision and Mentoring Plan/Record
    • The Candidate and Employer can plan, with the qualified supervisor, at-work training and work experience including a target date for completion.
    • The Qualified At-Work Supervisor can provide feedback during and/or after supervision or training and include any action points to the Candidate.

Section 3 must be completed to indicate that a plan of action has been agreed with all parties.

Once the plan is recorded, agreed and signed the “Provisional Licence” status is active.

Subsequent City & Guilds NPTC FMO Assessment must be arranged within the 6 month RoR period.


What does the Registering Centre need?

When the Employer or Candidate requests a Record of Registration (RoR) they will be expected to provide the Registering Centre with the following:

  • Candidate full name, date of birth & current address
  • Machine(s) being used including any applicable operations
  • Title(s) for the qualification being worked towards
  • Name of the agreed Qualified At-Work Supervisor and their date of birth

The Employer or Candidate will be expected to pay the Registering Centre a set-up fee for the RoR and will be advised of the cost for the subsequent City & Guilds NPTC Assessment that the Candidate is working towards.

What does the Employer and/or Candidate receive?

After payment of the RoR set-up fee, the Employer or Candidate will receive, via email:

  • Record of Registration
  • Covering Letter explaining the process
  • Any applicable FISA Guidance and the website link for more
  • The relevant City & Guilds NPTC Qualification Guidance
  • Clear indication of the Expiry Date

When the Candidate is ready to assess, what does the Employer and/or Candidate do?

The Employer or Candidate will be expected to contact the Registering Centre, in good advance of the 6 month expiry, to arrange the City & Guilds NPTC Assessment:

  • The Centre will need to know where the Assessment will take place
  • The Centre will request a copy of the completed RoR
  • The Centre will issue invoice for assessment which must be paid before assessment can be arranged An Assessor will then be allocated to the Candidate and an Assessment date arranged; reminders will be issued and the Assessment will take place.

How long until Certification?

City & Guilds NPTC have a target of 25 working days to release Certification to the Registering Centre.

The Centre will then post the Certificate to the Candidate, and a digital copy will be emailed to the Employer or Candidate, within 5 working days.