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FMO Provisional Licences

How do I apply for an FMO Record of Registration (Provisional Licence)?

  • Complete & Submit the form ----->
  • Within 24 hours a member of staff will be in touch to discuss your requirements and request payment for the RoR

What do I receive?

Once payment has been made for the RoR you will receive an email which contains:

When I am ready to assess what do I do?

You need to get in touch with mwmac Ltd, in good advance of the 6 month expiry, to arrange your Assessment.

Further information...

More information can be obtained by contacting the office on 01597 810306 or emailing enquiries@mwmac.co.uk

If you wish to apply for a Record of Registration (Provisional Licence) please complete the following form and a member of staff will be in touch within 24 hours:

Business Details
Business Name Business Contact Name
Business Address
Business Contact Number
Business Email Address
Operator Details
Operator Name Operator Date of Birth
Operator Address
Operator Contact Number
Operator Email Address
Qualified at-work Supervisor
Qualified at-work Supervisor Full Name
Qualified at-work Supervisor Date of Birth
Operation & Machinery
FMO Operation being carried out by Operator
Machinery Being Used
By ticking the checkbox you are confirming that the Operator and Qualified at-work Supervisor are aware that their information is being submitted to mwmac Ltd in order for us to administer this FMO Record of Registration (Provisional Licence)