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mwmac Ltd Annual Standard Setting 2017

5th May 2017

We run Annual Standard Settings for the network of Instructors and Assessors that we work with to ensure best practice and standardisation.

This years' event, on the 5th May 2017, was held at the Lantra building at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society Showground in Llanelwedd.
In total we were joined by 23 attendees from across Wales and England.

We were very lucky to have with us a representative from Wales Air Ambulance, Helen Pruett, who kindly gave the group a talk on the work that WAA does within Wales. We are all very humbled by and grateful for the life-saving work that these individuals do for Agriculture, Forestry and Arb alike.

We were also joined by two representatives from Lantra, Mandy Hollis and Sean Duffy, who kindly explained to us Lantras' updated system of Qualifications that are now available to the Land-based industries. We are all very keen to see what the future holds.

We covered a variety of topics throughout the day but also gave the attendees an open forum to discuss any new thinking, new ideas, gripes and groans. We always appreciate this kind of feedback; it helps us to shape our company but also helps to ensure that the information that these instructors and assessors provide to the industry during their events is relevant and current.

Looking forward to next year!