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- Dry Stone Walling
Lantra Health & Safety: Agriculture & Horticulture
- Transport of Animals by Road (Short Journeys)


Tree Climbing & Rescue 
Use of Saw from a Rope & Harness
Aerial Tree Pruning
Aerial Rigging
- Chainsaw from a MEWP


Chainsaw Maintenance & Crosscutting
Chainsaw Maintenance, Crosscutting and Basic Felling up to 200mm (Tiny Trees)
Felling & Processing Trees up to 380mm (Small Trees)
Ground Based Chainsaw 
Felling and Processing Trees over 380mm (Medium Trees)
Emergency Tree Work including Preparing & Agreeing Operations
Severing Uprooted & Windblown Trees
Assisted Felling
Felling and Crown Breakdown of Trees over 760mm (Large Trees)

Forest Machinery

- Health & Safety in Mechanised Harvesting
- Introduction to Forestry Harvesting
- Introduction to Forestry Line Wire Extraction
- Introduction to Forestry Extraction Machinery
- Introduction to Forestry Winching
- Introduction to Forestry Ground Preparation
- Small Scale Machinery Timber Extraction

Health & Safety

- Emergency First Aid at Work + Forestry
- Enhanced Emergency First Aid at Work + Forestry (incl Casulaty Simulation)
- Manual Handling 

Landscape & Amenity

Pedestrian Mowers
Ride on Mowers
- Remote Control Mowers
- Tractor Mounted Mowers
Powered Pole Pruners
- Stump Grinders
Forestry Clearing Saw
Brushcutter Trimmer
Manually Fed Woodchipper
Handheld Hedgecutter
- Leafblower & Vacuums

Pest Control 

Grey Squirrel Control


Pesticides PA1 & PA6 - handheld applicators

Timber & Woodfuel

- Ignite Managing Woods for Woodfuel
- Ignite Firewood Production and Supply
- Ignite Woodfueld Quality Standards

Tree Health

Lantra Basic Tree Survey & Inspection
Lantra Professional Tree Inspection
- Tree Identification

Utility Arboriculture

- UA1
- UA2.1 & 2.2
- UA2.1, 2.2 & 2.3
- UA2.3 & Aerial Pruning

Vehicles, Plant & Machinery

- Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP)
- Plant Machinery
- Dumper Truck
All Terrain Vehicles - Sit in
All Terrain Vehicles - Sit Astride
- Lantra General Winching Theory & Practice
Tractor Driving

Woodland Management

- Tree Planting, Protection & Weeding
- Access Track Maintenance
- Drainage of Woodland Sites
- Introduction to Woodland Management
- Woodland Management - Renovation of Under-Utilised Woodland